Hacker group briefly hits USA Today’s Twitter page

New York (CNN) — Hacker group The Script Kiddies successfully hacked another news organization when it logged onto USA Today’s Twitter page and posted false statements Sunday evening. USA Today promptly removed the messages and posted a statement about the hack.

Late Sunday evening USA Today posted to its Twitter page:

“@usatoday was hacked and as a result false tweets were sent. We worked with Twitter to correct it. The account is now back in our control.”

The Script Kiddies, an offshoot of the hacker group Associated, takes full responsibility on their Facebook page:

“Just Hacked USAToday and made a new Facebook fan page, lost access to the last one.”

Twitter responded by saying, “As a policy, we don’t comment on individual accounts for privacy reasons.”

A spokesman for Twitter told CNN that it provides information specifically for newsrooms to ensure Twitter accounts remain secure. Twitter insists its “systems have not been undermined and that this is not a brute force attack.”

Instead, the company attributes this instance to targeted attacks gained from getting the password for the Twitter account from an associated personal e-mail.

The Script Kiddies are also responsible for hacking into NBC News’ Twitter account the weekend of September 11 and posting fabricated messages about a fresh attack on New York’s ground zero. The Script Kiddies also hacked the Fox News Twitter account in July. The group falsely reported that President Barack Obama had been killed.

USA Today was unable to be reached for comment but tweeted this apology late Sunday evening:

“We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused to our readers and thank you for reading @usatoday.”

Source Blucigs


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