How a Super Bowl champ fuels up

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For most of us, football food means hot wings and pizza but have you ever wondered how the players chow down?

The Green Bay Packers six foot three inch, 285 pound defensive end Jarius Wynn takes his food regimen very seriously and is as disciplined off the field as he is on. The Super Bowl champ loves his family, his football and his Macadamia nut cookies, but he does takes time out for a three week soul food eating sabbatical every year.

And about those Wisconsin cheese curds…

Eatocracy: Do you like to cook?

Jarius Wynn: Yes, I can cook everything, but I'm not too good at cooking macaroni and cheese from scratch. It just never turns out right, but everything else I can cook pretty well.

I like to cook on the grill – steaks, chicken, ribs and burgers. I get that from my dad. My dad is trying to open his own barbecue business.

Eatocracy: I noticed you like to post pictures of food on your Twitter feed @slickwynn94.

Jarius Wynn: I do this as a way to reach out to fans to see how they eat and post pictures of what my Twitter family eats.

Eatocracy: Do you have a nutritionist provided by the NFL?

Jarius Wynn: No. I have my own nutritionist. He sends me what to eat and what not to eat and go along with it. Some players have their own cooks. It s what works for each player.

Eatocracy: What do you eat the day before a game?

Jarius Wynn: Something light like pasta or fish. Carbs for energy. I try not to eat too much. I drink lots of water – about five or six bottles. I usually go out to eat with family or teammates.

Eatocracy: What do you eat the day of a game?

Jarius Wynn: The team eats together. We have pasta, grilled chicken, maybe a piece of salmon, green beans and a banana. Also, water or sports drink. We eat about three and a half hours before a game.

Eatocracy: What did you eat the day of the Super Bowl?

Jarius Wynn: I was at the hospital the morning of the Super Bowl on February 6, 2011, because my wife gave birth to my son Jarius Jr. I left and made it to breakfast with the team. I had eggs and a slice of bacon. I did not eat a big breakfast because my mind was on my family and the game.

I had a piece of grilled chicken two hours before the game. You keep it light because you are nervous, happy, excited, so many mixed emotions. I had a sports drink and sports bar at the stadium to calm down and we came out with a win.

Eatocracy: What do you eat after a game?

Jarius Wynn: I am usually real tired but I eat whatever after the game – sirloin steak, rice, salmon.

Eatocracy: Are there any foods you stay away from?

Jarius Wynn: Fried foods and no caffeine. But on Tuesdays I do have a cheat day where I eat something I am craving like a cheese burger of a piece of fried chicken. I m not perfect but I pretty much stick to the program.

Eatocracy: What about the off season?

Jarius Wynn: I take three weeks off to eat soul food and try new foods and then get back on my program.

Eatocracy: Since you play in Green Bay, do you have a new respect for cheese?

Jarius Wynn: I have heard the cheese curds were really good here in Green Bay but I haven t tried them yet.

Eatocracy: Are there any misconceptions about football players and food?

Jarius Wynn: Yes. Some guys are just bigger and there are different body types but we all train so we are in good shape.

Some tasty statistics:

Daily calories consumed pre-season: around 3,500

Daily calories consumed during regular season: around 3,200

Calories burned off during a game: around 700 to 800

Food consumed during an average pre-game weekday:

Breakfast: three egg whites and two whole eggs scrambled with green, red, yellow peppers and spinach, oatmeal with yogurt, strawberries and granola on top along with a bottle of water.

Snack: healthy snack bar

Lunch: six inch sub whole wheat with turkey, ham, spinach, tomatoes, onions, light mayo and black pepper, two Macadamia nut cookies and a bottle of water or a sports drink.

After practice: a protein shake with banana, whole oats, honey, peanut butter and chocolate protein

Supper: either grilled or baked chicken or fish with green beans, mashed potatoes with small salad and a bottle of water.

Snack: yogurt

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